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CHASTITY: My Journey So Far…

There are a lot of things I know now that I wish I had a heads up about them a few years ago, it may not necessarily have changed the decisions I would have made but at least, I would know what I was getting myself into and I would have been adequately prepared to face the challenges that would arise  from making that decision in the years to come!


I was nothing but a kid when I made the decision that I was gonna stay celibate till I was married! That’s one big decision I made in my life that I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what I was getting myself into. I probably knew the journey was gonna be tough but I didn’t know it was gonna be this TOUGH and I also did not know it was gonna be ROUGH! My Goodness! This Celibacy Journey has been one heck of a crazy ass journey and trust me when I tell you that I have been through it all.


Walahi, ko easy rara! Phew! As if the battle with my flesh and Konji is not bad enough, hehe! As in… Y’all don’t know the half of it. When I went public with the news of my decision to stay chaste and even published articles on my blog encouraging young people like myself that it was possible to stay chaste in this crazy world that we live in, most peeps thought I was having it easy! LOL! If I tell you that I didn’t have nights when Konji wan finish my life, walahi don’t take my word for it because I’m legit lying to you!


A question a lot of people ask me, “how do it”? And a lot of times, I try

to give these people answers especially from the Bible but the truth is that so far so good, it’s only been by His grace that I’ve been able to stay strong I am still standing!

The truth is that I have NOT stayed strong at all! Lol. The truth is the VIRGINITY SERIES wasn’t supposed to stop at Season 2, there was a Season 3 that I had planned out, drafted posts, contacted our guest bloggers and a few of them already sent in their entries but I just abandoned the whole thing because I felt so UNWORTHY!

I may not have been having sex, but there were a lot of things that were happening in my life at the time that just made me feel like ” Gosh, I’m not in a position to be talking to anybody about Chastity right now jare”, so I just let it go! Like what kind of chastity preacher dates and lives with a guy whose faith was in question?


Ha! I wasn’t joking when I said I had it TOUGH and also ROUGH! Like how did I get stranded to the point where I had no roof over my head and had to live with a man and even date him? DO YOU EVEN HAVE AN IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO SAY NO TO A MAN THAT SHELTERS AND FEEDS YOU WHEN HE ASKS YOU FOR SEX? Till date, I don’t know how I came out of that young man’s house with my Virginity and my Pride intact! See ehn., God stood by me because he knows that my motive for wanting to stay chaste was that He may be Glorified and Not for me to receive any prize. Lol. Nobody gets a prize for waiting sef.


Tori neva end o! I came out of the house intact and here I was glorifying the Lord that the battle was over, SMH! Little did I know that the battle had just begun. The devil was serious about my matter, he didn’t let go easily, oh no he did not! He sent a BOZO my way, who I met in the house of the Lord while serving the Lord faithfully, Hallelujah somebody!

(I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the fact that you meet a person in church, doesn’t mean they’ll be good, take my word for it when I tell ya, the Devil also goes to church, so stay Watching, Stay Praying, Stay Discerning and Stay Yielding to the Holy Sprit! #Selah!)


And so BOZO came my way and I was busy thinking he was a godly man considering he also “serves in the same house of the Lord” so I let him into my life and before I actually knew what’s up, Dude was Legit trying to have his way with me and it was almost a Do or Die Affair! Imagine someone trying to force their way with you in your own house! The Nerve and the Effrontery! But these and many more are some of the things I have to deal with but still God remains Faithful!🙌

The decision to go public with the gist about my celibacy did not come without it’s own drama. They were people who felt I had Motives for doing so, how I so wish you know that I would never intentionally put myself in such a vulnerable position, like God, people really thought I was doing it for the accolades and the attention of the men! Are you guys even for reals? God knows the last thing I need in my life is men’s attention, I get that in excess doses largely as a result of my ass that is growing at a geometric progression!😭😭

O ti Su Mi!🙄 Sometimes, I’m just tired really, but I draw strength from him and from his word!

Another frustrating thing is that the ones you think or expect to be standing with you or even standing by you in Tough times are even the ones that’d laugh and judge you when they see you slipping just because they have fallen, like what right do you have to still be standing?

But I learnt from my mentor Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo that… “you have to Stand for what you believe in, even if it means you standing alone!”

I would just share a few of the lessons I have learned in this journey, I hope it blesses someone out there whose trying to stand strong in the journey of chastity or any other life’s journey!

1. Your strength will fail you! Let God’s strength be what’s upholding you.

2. People will NOT understand, it’s NOT your duty to make them to. The journey is not about them anyways, so keep it moving!🚶

3. Even if you fall, forgive yourself, stand up, dust yourself and  try again! Don’t ever give in to the temptation to give up! Don’t! And please emphasis is on; FORGIVE YOURSELF! you are not perfect.

4. In forgiving yourself, forgive the ones that hurt you too. Let Go and Let God bust still stay woke! Forgive them but do not put yourself in the same position where you can be hurt again! I repeat, Stay Woke!

5. You need to have a strong motive! Your motive would be your motivating factor when everything seems like it no longer makes any sense!

6. God is Faithful! Stay yielded to his leading and guidance, it will all make sense eventually.

7. Be open and totally Honest with your mentors! Trust me, you’d be glad you did. #Selah!

Special shout out to my Pastors and Mentors, Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo, Pastor Femi Lazarus, Pastor Goodluck Opue and of course Pastor Femi Olaleye. I honestly wish I had be more open but still I’m grateful for your kind words of encouragements! God bless you all mightily! And of course, to the friends who stood by me in tying times, Jennifer Egwu, your type is rare and only God can reward you for me, you were going through a lot yourself, but you kept your issues asides to be there for me, my God will settle you, I’m certain of it! Biodun Akinmukomi, you were there through it all… you saw me make stupid mistakes but you never judged me instead you treated me like a sister, you looked after me, took care of me and prayed with me, God bless you! Last but definitely not least…. Daniel Essien, I could write an epistle and it still won’t cut it, at the time you met me, I was wounded and broken but you didn’t leave me the same way, I’m grateful for everything! God bless you!

This post is dedicated to Miss Rukayat Ohunene Saka, I hope it ministered to you as much as it did to me while I was writing it. I wrote this from my heart and I honestly bhope that this post sparks this revival of my blog as I have missed this blog as much as my readers have.

The UniqueBreed is back guys!!💃💃💃



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Do you touch yourself? You should!

Hey guys!

I know you missed me…..I missed you too.

So we are going PINK this month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I know that “God thinks good thoughts towards us and he wishes above all things that we prosper and be in good health“….. But that does not mean we should be careless with our health, does it?

We are all aware of how deadly cancer is especially breast cancer but I have good news…..


Yes, We can! In the fight against breast cancer, Early Detection is Key!

Which is why you need to touch yourself! Yes, you!

Touch yourself to examine yourself. It’s not rocket science….it’s really that simple!

So what if you self-examine and you discover a lump or any other sign? Do not panic, just visit the nearest diagnostic lab to you to have your boobs properly checked in a mammogram.

Guys, breast cancer may be more prevalent in women but it doesn’t mean that men are not also at risk.

So let’s join the movement and fight against breast cancer!

Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken. And never ever giving up hope❤️️

The post is #AWayforwardInitiative

MC WayForward. Wisdom Johnson.









…….to be continued.

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Can we just take a moment to talk about “FAMILIARITY”? I mean, it’s about time we did, isn’t it? 

I am of the opinion that Familiarity is a hindrance to a lot of people’s growth and progress in life whether spiritually or otherwise and the fact that no one addresses it or talks about it’s dangers make it even worse because some persons might honestly be ignorant about their actions or inactions. 

Now, What is Familiarity?                    The dictionary defines it as “close acquaintance with or knowledge of something or someone” or “the quality of being well known from long or close association“. 

In the Nigerian Indigenous Creole(Pidgin English), it’s called….“See Finish”

I’m not sure how the name came about but it sounds rather ironic and sarcastic to me simply because of my strong belief that “Familiarity blinds you!” What exactly does a blind person see finish?😏😒

Familiarity is what blinds you from seeing that Mr Adeoye is not just your boss at the office but the man God has placed you under to learn from him and be mentored by him.

Familiarity is what blinds you from seeing Segun as your husband, you believe he is just that guy in church that you are fond of.

Familiarity is what blinds you from seeing that Nneka is not just your daughter but a child of destiny that would restore the lost glory of your family.

Oh, Familiarity will not let you see that Kayode is not only your roommate but a God-ordained prophet.

I could go on and on. A lot of times, the blessings we are expecting from God are already in our lives in form of people, our parents, our children, our neighbours, friends, church members, classmates, colleagues at the office etc…but familiarity blinds us from recognizing them.

Familiarity shuts not just our eyes from recognizing but also shuts our hearts from believing in them hence making important things elude us..

Familiarity is why you think Mr Adeoye’s own sef is too much. Are you the only one in that office? Why does he like to assign the seemingly most difficult task to you?

It’s the same reason why you think Segun has gone nuts for daring to step outside the friend zone and ask you to marry him.

It is the reason you don’t understand why Nneka seems different from your other children. Something must be wrong with her, you keep thinking…

Familiarity is what makes you discard words of counsel from your roomate Kayode as mere bants because you think….”wetin Kay know sef”

Don’t let closeness or proximity make  you miss blessings from God. Some friends are not just ordinary friends….they were placed strategically in your life for a reason! 

Don’t be like the Nazarenes who refused to believe in Jesus even with all the great and mighty things he did, their mindset remained……

“Isn’t this Joseph’s son, the carpenter?”

My heart literally bleeds when I see people still have this mindset today, the devil shut their eyes and hearts to the gifts and callings of God in a person’s life because…… “shebi na Nnamdi wey I don know tey tey, me and am go way back na, na we two go the same secondary school for umuahia that year, this same Nnamdi wey no sabi anything, na we dey help am write exam that year, na him dem con dey tell me say he don turn pastor now….wetin Nnamdi wan preach to me……..and yen yen yen”…

Stop defining people by their history, what you think you know of them. Allow your eyes/heart of understanding be flooded with light! Appreciate the gifts of God in form of persons He has placed in your life! 

Refuse to be blinded by “See Finish” mentality! God bless you!

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Calling All Warriors!!

Gather round warriors!! 

This is a call to all Soldiers of Christ and Soldiers in Christ!

Christianity is NOT peace! It is a battleground! It is War field! Yes!!! 

As a Christian, it would be foolhardy to expect a life void of battles or warfare. There’s something I’ve come learn in this Christian walk, It is not child’s play. Being a Christian is like signing up to become a soldier and what do soldiers do? We fight! We fight battles…. 

“Thou, therefore, work hard as a GOOD SOLDIER of Jesus Christ.” (2Tim2:3 Jubilee Bible 2000)

But the beauty of it is that we fight unfair battles in that we fight from a position of victory. 


Isn’t it awesome that the God that we serve is aware that our lives are full of battles, hence he prepared us to be ready for the kinda battles we’d be facing, gave us the perfect armour and also guarantees us TOTAL VICTORY!

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”(2Cor10:4 KJV)…

Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.  In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.  Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.”
Ephesians 6:10-18 NLT).

It is worthy of note that……

1. The battle is NOT a physical battle! (Eph6:11)

2. We don’t fight spiritual battles with physical or intellectual weapons! (2Cor10:4)

3. We fight from a standpoint of victory! (Deut20:4/1Cor15:57)

For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory

In the words of my Pastor, “The people you are playing with are not playing with you“. So my dear fellow soldiers in Christ, let us not lose sight of what we ought to be doing, do not be weary, do not faint! Stand and fight, putting on His full armour, Victory is assured!!💃💃💃💃

Assurance that never fails!💯

                                ……To be continued

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The Essence of Christmas!

For a child(KING) has been born—for us! the gift of a son—for us! He’ll take over the running of the world. His names will be: Amazing Counselor, Strong God, Eternal Father, Prince of Wholeness. His ruling authority will grow, and there’ll be no limits to the wholeness he brings. He’ll rule from the historic David throne over that promised kingdom. He’ll put that kingdom on a firm footing and keep it going With fair dealing and right living, beginning now and lasting always. The zeal of God -of-the-Angel-Armies will do all this.

(Isaiah 9:67 MSG)

This for me is the Essence of Christmas! Jesus Christ—>A prophesy fulfilled! I do not just celebrate his birth(His coming to the world in human form which in itself is a Miracle! God became man!😱) but I celebrate the PURPOSE for which he came!  To establish the Kingdom of God forever! #shattah!🙌 

  • A Limitless Kingdom
  • A Kingdom with Solid footing that is Unshakeable
  • A progressive Kingdom
  • A Righteous Kingdom
  • A Kingdom that remains Forever

And the beautiful part of this story is that He considered me……..(a mere mortal like me😱😳), he considered me worthy to be a part of that kingdom! Wawu!😵😰 

So whilst all the merriment is going down today, whist chickens…..roasted, fried, boiled or grilled are being devored today, while drinks are being poured from glass to glass and the glasses are clinking together in cheers🍻……ponder on the essence of Christmas! 


I know it sounds cool to say…..“Happy Holidays” or ” Compliments of the Season “, still don’t take Christ out of your Christmas!!

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What is your Bible?

Sometime ago in my room back then in the University, I can’t even remember what exactly my roommates were arguing about but I remember that I ‘chuked’ my mouth inside their argument when one of them said something I thought wasn’t scriptural. I remember the conversation went something like….

Me: Ahan! What you just said it’s not even in the bible, so why should we accept it. Back up your argument with scriptures jor.

Roommate: SMH! Is it everything that’s in the Bible? Even the word ‘Bible‘ is not in the Bible. 

Lol. I had never even thought of that before….but of course, I know what My Bible is and what it represents to me…but it’s quite unfortunate that a lot of believers don’t. Forget about whether the word ‘Bible’ appears in the bible or not, truth is the word Bible itself is just a name we  English speakers gave to it.

So I’m gonna start today’s post with my two favorite definitions of the word ‘Bible‘.

1. A comprehensive manual that describes something. (Wiktionary)

2.  Blessed Information Bringing Life Eternal.(My Mom).

It may look something like this

I need to state it clearly though that the Bible is The Word of God! It is not a man, it is not the word of man, it is not a book and it is definitely not an app!!

Okay, I do understand that the Bible is in fact The Word of God and this same word of God is God Himself, in this same word is Life and is the Light of men, This word who is life and also our light became flesh and dwelt amongst us……JESUS! (John1:1-12). So yeah….the Word of God is Personality of God! We cannot know God if we do not know His Word! Selah! 

So when I say My Bible is not a what a person says…. I mean it’s is not what my Pastor says, not what my mentor says, not what my mother or father say etc….. It is what God says!

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of these people and I do acknowledge the grace and anointing of God upon their lives, they led me to Christ and taught me some of the things I know about God today but then…….as expected I had to grow…which meant I could not depend on the milk I was being fed forever! Berean Christians do NOT discard loaves of God’s word for the crumbs of commentaries….You cannot grow strong in faith by feeding off another man’s revelation of scriptures. 

As much as it is very good to learn from all of these people…. DO NOT TRADE TEACHINGS FOR YOUR PERSONAL STUDY OF THE BIBLE! 

The Bible was not written for Pastors alone, it is not Pastor’s manual…it is all Believer’s manual that’s why it is available and easily assessible! Do not delegate the study of your bible to someone else! That’s tantamount to delegating your whole salvation and Christian faith to another person which in my own definition equals Foolhardy! 

The Bible is a very COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL for our Christian faith! How y’all even practice Christianity without reading your bible baffles me honestly. I can’t deal.

Oh! I love the Bible You Version App on Android smart phones. In my opinion, it’s the best app developed so far……I love how I can switch between versions and between languages, I can highlight make references and do other amazing stuff. But then You Version is what it is. It is an app, it is not my Bible! 

The psalmist said…..

Your word I have treasured and stored in my heart, That I may not sin against You‘(Psalm 119:11 AMP).
Joshua said….

“……And don’t for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed”.(Joshua 1:1-9 MSG).

Keywords to note: Ponder, Meditate, Treasured, Stored, Heart. I treasure it, store it in my heart and I never stop pondering and meditating over it.

My Bible is God’s word that I have read, I have studied, I have meditated upon and I have committed to heart. It is a lamp to my feet and light for my path, it is the double-edged sword, the surgeon’s scalpel that penetrates as far as my soul to the deepest parts of my being cutting through every thought and intentions in my heart. It is the standard and principles that I live by. It is my source of strength, inspiration and direction.

(See Psalm 119:105 and Hebrews 4:12). 

Now, I have told you what my bible is… I am asking,  What is your Bible’? Is Social media your Bible? Is it People’s opinions and approval? Is it the teachings and doctrines of men? Is it standards set by other people? Is it the culture and tradition of your people? Is it what you watch/listen to on Radio or Television? Is it what is trending or in vogue? Tell me what your own Bible is…..

(To be Continued….)

         ……Glow Jacobs (UniqueBreed).

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Celebrate, Don’t Discriminate!

Do you remember this hymn from back in the day?

…..All things Bright and Beautiful,

    All creatures Great and Small

    All things Wise and Wonderful,

    The Lord God made them All

It’s amazing how we didn’t create ourselves but it seems as though we always forget that fact. And so if another is created slightly different from us, we tend to assume that there’s a problem with how that person was created or that because that other person doesn’t have our own kinda features or the person’s features doesn’t fit into our own stereotype, then somehow that person is inferior(to us). We need to understand that Humans are creatures not products. While a product may be substandard or inferior, no Human is! WE WERE ALL CREATED BY GOD! 

If you didn’t create me, keep your opinions about my stature to yourself!🙊

No Human is inferior because he/she is a certain gender, race, complexion or has a different skin colour. No one is inferior because he/she failed to attain a certain height. I mean these are even things we can do little or absolutely nothing about…

Nobody chose to be born a certain gender or race. Heck! Nobody chose to be an albino and definitely, nobody chose how tall he/she would grow to become. But it’s amazing how we discriminate and put each other down over little things like this that really doesn’t matter….I’ll share 2 scenarios.


A few years ago, back when I was in Medical school, we were preparing for our annual health week and as usual, I was actively involved. During one of our organizing committee meetings, there arose a small problem, our symposium was in a few days and we didn’t have an anchor yet for the program. Of course, I knew I could do it, but like I said I was already actively involved and busy with other stuff so it didn’t occur to me to volunteer myself. So it was thrown open to the house, to nominate someone to anchor the event, I wasn’t surprised when my name was chorused acrossed the room, what shocked me was the response of the Chairman of our planning committee. In his words, ‘No! Gloria cannot anchor the symposium, She is too short’.

I wasn’t just shocked, I was mortified, I was hurt and yes I was angry!! Since when did anchoring become about the height and not the oratory skills? The irony in this story is that our so-called ‘chairman’ wasn’t even a tall person, he was infact just about an inch or 2 inches taller than me. I didn’t get to anchor the symposium that year but guess who the same Association called upon to represent them in an impromptu debate shortly after? And guess who was one of the Anchors for the symposium/magazine launch the following year? One question that keeps ringing in my head each time I remember the episode is, ‘Did I in the space of just one year stop being ‘too short’? Or did the podium become big enough to accommodate a short person?’


So after passing several stages of aptitude tests and oral interviews with the outsourcing firm, myself and another lady were the last 2 candidates left and we were both invited for a final interview with the MD of the firm we’d be working with if we were hired. The MD was impressed with my résumé as well as my outstanding performance at the interview, she would have loved to hire me but, she was skeptical about hiring me because ‘I’m too short, I look too young...she has doubts about my leadership skills, I’m just too small’. I didn’t leave her office without asking her if she needed a tall person for the position or a qualified and capable person. Of course, she didn’t answer my question and I didn’t get the job. But who cares about working with someone who already looks down on me because of my height or the lack of it?😒😏. Puhlease! I’d pass..

I’m yet to understand the reason why we humans Discriminate rather than Celebrate our differences…it beats me.

Petite and Proudly so!✌

Today is July 19th and it’s the International Petite Day!💃💃💃

I just wanna use this medium not just to celebrate my fellow petite ladies but also to encourage you! You are Beautiful just the way you are…It’s not about the size of the vessel but about the quality of the content! Do not let anyone look down on you because of your stature, and more importantly, NEVER LOOK DOWN ON YOURSELF!!

And to everyone reading this, be kind to everyone you meet, tall or short, albino or not, fat or skinny, fair or dark….WE WERE ALL FEARFULLY AND MARVELOUSLY CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD!! Don’t Discriminate! 

Glow Da UniqueBreed…. Petite and Adorable!😘💕