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The Essence of Christmas!

For a child(KING) has been born—for us! the gift of a son—for us! He’ll take over the running of the world. His names will be: Amazing Counselor, Strong God, Eternal Father, Prince of Wholeness. His ruling authority will grow, and there’ll be no limits to the wholeness he brings. He’ll rule from the historic David throne over that promised kingdom. He’ll put that kingdom on a firm footing and keep it going With fair dealing and right living, beginning now and lasting always. The zeal of God -of-the-Angel-Armies will do all this.

(Isaiah 9:67 MSG)

This for me is the Essence of Christmas! Jesus Christ—>A prophesy fulfilled! I do not just celebrate his birth(His coming to the world in human form which in itself is a Miracle! God became man!😱) but I celebrate the PURPOSE for which he came!  To establish the Kingdom of God forever! #shattah!🙌 

  • A Limitless Kingdom
  • A Kingdom with Solid footing that is Unshakeable
  • A progressive Kingdom
  • A Righteous Kingdom
  • A Kingdom that remains Forever

And the beautiful part of this story is that He considered me……..(a mere mortal like me😱😳), he considered me worthy to be a part of that kingdom! Wawu!😵😰 

So whilst all the merriment is going down today, whist chickens…..roasted, fried, boiled or grilled are being devored today, while drinks are being poured from glass to glass and the glasses are clinking together in cheers🍻……ponder on the essence of Christmas! 


I know it sounds cool to say…..“Happy Holidays” or ” Compliments of the Season “, still don’t take Christ out of your Christmas!!

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What is your Bible?

Sometime ago in my room back then in the University, I can’t even remember what exactly my roommates were arguing about but I remember that I ‘chuked’ my mouth inside their argument when one of them said something I thought wasn’t scriptural. I remember the conversation went something like….

Me: Ahan! What you just said it’s not even in the bible, so why should we accept it. Back up your argument with scriptures jor.

Roommate: SMH! Is it everything that’s in the Bible? Even the word ‘Bible‘ is not in the Bible. 

Lol. I had never even thought of that before….but of course, I know what My Bible is and what it represents to me…but it’s quite unfortunate that a lot of believers don’t. Forget about whether the word ‘Bible’ appears in the bible or not, truth is the word Bible itself is just a name we  English speakers gave to it.

So I’m gonna start today’s post with my two favorite definitions of the word ‘Bible‘.

1. A comprehensive manual that describes something. (Wiktionary)

2.  Blessed Information Bringing Life Eternal.(My Mom).

It may look something like this

I need to state it clearly though that the Bible is The Word of God! It is not a man, it is not the word of man, it is not a book and it is definitely not an app!!

Okay, I do understand that the Bible is in fact The Word of God and this same word of God is God Himself, in this same word is Life and is the Light of men, This word who is life and also our light became flesh and dwelt amongst us……JESUS! (John1:1-12). So yeah….the Word of God is Personality of God! We cannot know God if we do not know His Word! Selah! 

So when I say My Bible is not a what a person says…. I mean it’s is not what my Pastor says, not what my mentor says, not what my mother or father say etc….. It is what God says!

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of these people and I do acknowledge the grace and anointing of God upon their lives, they led me to Christ and taught me some of the things I know about God today but then…….as expected I had to grow…which meant I could not depend on the milk I was being fed forever! Berean Christians do NOT discard loaves of God’s word for the crumbs of commentaries….You cannot grow strong in faith by feeding off another man’s revelation of scriptures. 

As much as it is very good to learn from all of these people…. DO NOT TRADE TEACHINGS FOR YOUR PERSONAL STUDY OF THE BIBLE! 

The Bible was not written for Pastors alone, it is not Pastor’s manual…it is all Believer’s manual that’s why it is available and easily assessible! Do not delegate the study of your bible to someone else! That’s tantamount to delegating your whole salvation and Christian faith to another person which in my own definition equals Foolhardy! 

The Bible is a very COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL for our Christian faith! How y’all even practice Christianity without reading your bible baffles me honestly. I can’t deal.

Oh! I love the Bible You Version App on Android smart phones. In my opinion, it’s the best app developed so far……I love how I can switch between versions and between languages, I can highlight make references and do other amazing stuff. But then You Version is what it is. It is an app, it is not my Bible! 

The psalmist said…..

Your word I have treasured and stored in my heart, That I may not sin against You‘(Psalm 119:11 AMP).
Joshua said….

“……And don’t for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed”.(Joshua 1:1-9 MSG).

Keywords to note: Ponder, Meditate, Treasured, Stored, Heart. I treasure it, store it in my heart and I never stop pondering and meditating over it.

My Bible is God’s word that I have read, I have studied, I have meditated upon and I have committed to heart. It is a lamp to my feet and light for my path, it is the double-edged sword, the surgeon’s scalpel that penetrates as far as my soul to the deepest parts of my being cutting through every thought and intentions in my heart. It is the standard and principles that I live by. It is my source of strength, inspiration and direction.

(See Psalm 119:105 and Hebrews 4:12). 

Now, I have told you what my bible is… I am asking,  What is your Bible’? Is Social media your Bible? Is it People’s opinions and approval? Is it the teachings and doctrines of men? Is it standards set by other people? Is it the culture and tradition of your people? Is it what you watch/listen to on Radio or Television? Is it what is trending or in vogue? Tell me what your own Bible is…..

(To be Continued….)

         ……Glow Jacobs (UniqueBreed).

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Baby geh be dropping some really hot stuff on her blog…Enjoy!

The Diary of a Christian Chic.

You are entitled to rights.

You have a right to think.

You have a right to come into your own and own your thoughts.

You have a right to have opinions.

You have a right to choose to air your opinions.

You do not have a right to give your opinions when it is not solicited.

You need to earn the right to speak into peoples lives. You do not correct if it is not solicited, you do not advise if it is not asked for. I know you just want to help, but your help at times is not helpful. Keep the opinions.

I agree you are the leader of the pack and advising& correction comes with the territory but speaking into peoples life doesn’t come by position, it comes by the relationship you have with the person.

It’s the reason why the President of Nigeria can tell me…

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Celebrate, Don’t Discriminate!

Do you remember this hymn from back in the day?

…..All things Bright and Beautiful,

    All creatures Great and Small

    All things Wise and Wonderful,

    The Lord God made them All

It’s amazing how we didn’t create ourselves but it seems as though we always forget that fact. And so if another is created slightly different from us, we tend to assume that there’s a problem with how that person was created or that because that other person doesn’t have our own kinda features or the person’s features doesn’t fit into our own stereotype, then somehow that person is inferior(to us). We need to understand that Humans are creatures not products. While a product may be substandard or inferior, no Human is! WE WERE ALL CREATED BY GOD! 

If you didn’t create me, keep your opinions about my stature to yourself!🙊

No Human is inferior because he/she is a certain gender, race, complexion or has a different skin colour. No one is inferior because he/she failed to attain a certain height. I mean these are even things we can do little or absolutely nothing about…

Nobody chose to be born a certain gender or race. Heck! Nobody chose to be an albino and definitely, nobody chose how tall he/she would grow to become. But it’s amazing how we discriminate and put each other down over little things like this that really doesn’t matter….I’ll share 2 scenarios.


A few years ago, back when I was in Medical school, we were preparing for our annual health week and as usual, I was actively involved. During one of our organizing committee meetings, there arose a small problem, our symposium was in a few days and we didn’t have an anchor yet for the program. Of course, I knew I could do it, but like I said I was already actively involved and busy with other stuff so it didn’t occur to me to volunteer myself. So it was thrown open to the house, to nominate someone to anchor the event, I wasn’t surprised when my name was chorused acrossed the room, what shocked me was the response of the Chairman of our planning committee. In his words, ‘No! Gloria cannot anchor the symposium, She is too short’.

I wasn’t just shocked, I was mortified, I was hurt and yes I was angry!! Since when did anchoring become about the height and not the oratory skills? The irony in this story is that our so-called ‘chairman’ wasn’t even a tall person, he was infact just about an inch or 2 inches taller than me. I didn’t get to anchor the symposium that year but guess who the same Association called upon to represent them in an impromptu debate shortly after? And guess who was one of the Anchors for the symposium/magazine launch the following year? One question that keeps ringing in my head each time I remember the episode is, ‘Did I in the space of just one year stop being ‘too short’? Or did the podium become big enough to accommodate a short person?’


So after passing several stages of aptitude tests and oral interviews with the outsourcing firm, myself and another lady were the last 2 candidates left and we were both invited for a final interview with the MD of the firm we’d be working with if we were hired. The MD was impressed with my résumé as well as my outstanding performance at the interview, she would have loved to hire me but, she was skeptical about hiring me because ‘I’m too short, I look too young...she has doubts about my leadership skills, I’m just too small’. I didn’t leave her office without asking her if she needed a tall person for the position or a qualified and capable person. Of course, she didn’t answer my question and I didn’t get the job. But who cares about working with someone who already looks down on me because of my height or the lack of it?😒😏. Puhlease! I’d pass..

I’m yet to understand the reason why we humans Discriminate rather than Celebrate our differences…it beats me.

Petite and Proudly so!✌

Today is July 19th and it’s the International Petite Day!💃💃💃

I just wanna use this medium not just to celebrate my fellow petite ladies but also to encourage you! You are Beautiful just the way you are…It’s not about the size of the vessel but about the quality of the content! Do not let anyone look down on you because of your stature, and more importantly, NEVER LOOK DOWN ON YOURSELF!!

And to everyone reading this, be kind to everyone you meet, tall or short, albino or not, fat or skinny, fair or dark….WE WERE ALL FEARFULLY AND MARVELOUSLY CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD!! Don’t Discriminate! 

Glow Da UniqueBreed…. Petite and Adorable!😘💕
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​Woo Hoo!!! I’m excited!💃💃💃

 Can you tell? And the cause of my excitement is not far-fetched. We are in the month of June and we all know how this month births great and mighty testimonies, of which I am one!

 No beef! It’s June Baby! 💃💃

And of course you know that my birthday is not the only reason why this month gives me good vibes………..if you’ve been subscribed to this blog long enough, you should be able to guess what usually happens every June (around my birthday) that gets me all pumped up and excited.

Yup yup! You gorrit! Its WWW again! When Women Worship 2017. Hehehe! You know I won’t miss it for the world! I came home from Cally last year just because I couldn’t imagine missing another opportunity to worship with my fellow female warriors! And you already know how we roll in DCC, we’ve never had a better last year! So you can trust that this year’s when women worship is gonna be LIT! 👍

And guess what? This year, we are PAINTING THE TOWN RED!! 

……..With the  name of Jesus! 

As in ehn, this year’s theme is giving me GOOD VIBES and LIFE!! 

It’s happening live on the island @ The Victory Dome, David’s Christian Centre, Beside Meadow Hall, Elegushi Beach Road, After 3rd Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos. On Friday, 16th June, 2017 by 6:30pm. 

And on the mainland church, Victory Dome, David’s Christian Centre, Fatgbems Bus-stop, Behind PHCN Office, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos on Sunday 18th  June,2017 by 4:30pm.

Do I even need to beg, pamper, cajole you to come and worship Jesus again? #RollingMyEyes 

see the kain people wey wan lead us into God’s presence sef……

And you are here waiting for me to beg you to come or to invite someone? 

There’s good news for women outside Lagos, who wanna join us in worship on Sunday evening, we’d be streaming live….. Follow @dcclagos on instagram to get the direct link. You can also follow @dcclagos @dccisland @justusgirlsnaija @pastormildred on twitter and instagram for more details… Also if you still interested in getting the Red ‘Jesus’shirt, you can still call this no: 08037770384.

Kukuma you already know this month is all about worship, I bless God for His son, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey stirring up a worship movement on Facebook and Instagram. If you are yet to join the #HallelujahChallenge 

or you are still wondering what ‘OLOWOGBOGBORO’ is all about, then you must be sleeping on a bicycle….. 

In other news, if you are female and between the ages 16-20 and you desire to be mentored into greatness(or you know someone in this category)……………………………………………I’ve got great news for you!!

This Month’s edition of POW WOW with E’ is specially designed for you! And you get a bonus! The B-E-A-U-T-I-F-I-E-D Funto Ibuoye!! 

I’m just here beefing…… why can’t I be 16 all over again? (Wouldn’t that mean JAMB and all the undergraduate years all over again? No thanks…….I’d pass…I like me my twens, Lol).

The F.A.B. Sistership Academy!!
Lord knows I’m so teary eyed right now typing this……like was it not just yesterday, I signed up for this?  Well…….actually, it’s been about 4 years ago but it seems to me like yesterday! And its one decision I made in my life that I don’t regret at all. Like wah?…….momma E’ mentored Dee(Xtian chic), Teni( the FAB author of The Daniel Generation Devotional for Teens), Bimz, Ewa, Chimamaka, Voke and of course yours truly…. 🙋

Look at us today, we are better for it! Just check out the women we are #Becoming! All of us are now mentors and shining examples to the younger generation. Scoot over to for deets about how to apply!

PS: I didn’t abandon the blog o! We are actually experiencing some technical difficulties that’s why it seems like I’ve been away for ages……trust me, I wanna blog as much as you want me to…..and Nope! I haven’t lost the passion or the vibe! I’m still very much the UniqueBreed, and No, I haven’t been hiding or keeping a low profile, I am very much around its just………life’s been happening! 

Rumor has it that Da UniqueBreed has been keeping a low profile…… shhhh!!😱

And I hope nobody is expecting the Chronicles of my Service Year or Tales of my Days in Calabar on this blog………to be honest, I haven’t pen it down. If and when I do, trust it ain’t gonna be a blog post, you be best expecting a WHOLE BOOK!…..Lol.

Let’s pray and believe that the blog will be up and active again before this month ends…….it’s still JUNE afterall………………😁

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Travails of a Single Naija Girl

Disclaimer…… Please don’t take this post too seriously, I penned it down a year ago after I graduated and was waiting for nysc….so it’s safe to say it was inspired by a little bit of joblessness, Lol. But don’t discard it also because it’s the reality of most single girls in Naija, I’m just speaking up on their behalf. Lol.

1. You are accused of friend-zoning your male friends when the opposite is actually the truth. If they are really interested in being more than friends, then they should simply ask….abi?

Like seriously……

2. When you meet a new male friend, all your girlfriends start checking him out to see if he is ‘husband-material’. Girls, puhlease……just chill.

3. When you post about your friend’s engagement or wedding, peeps start asking you when is your own. Like Durhhh!!! Very soon, but can I please celebrate with my friends in peace…#rollingmyeyes

4. When you take/post a random picture with a guy, your mom and girlfriends start giving you the ‘raised eyebrow’ expression, like who be dis one again o? What’s his mission? Mom and girlfriends gat no chill, mehn! Lol.

My parents tho!😒😒

5. When you refer to/introduce a cute guy as your friend, peeps be commenting that it all starts from friendship..Lol. I’m not understanding, mbok. What is ‘starting’?😒😒

6. You will tell some peeps that you are single and they’ll be arguing your singleness with you because you know, you are just too beautiful to be single….Guy leave story abeg, is it your single?

Bros, z not your single😑

7. Your girlfriends be thinking it’s their duty to update you on the latest info about your crush or your ex. Like Durhhh!! I no send you message o! Why duyu think I wanna know what he’s up to?

8. Peeps be advising you to limit your success/achievements so you don’t scare off potential suitors. The kind of man that would be intimidated by my success is exactly the kind I don’t wanna be with….Thank you.

Abi wetin man pikin go do now?

9. Some dudes just believe you must say yes to their toasting because after all, you don’t have anybody. Baba farabale! We are single not desperate. If we say No, it means we’d rather stay single than be with you so just swerve abeg….

10. You can’t even wear a fancy ring. No rings at all…..No matter how cute the ring is or how much you love rings as accessories. There’s this believe that you are reducing your chances of finding a man by putting on rings, I just can’t relate.

11. If you go out to hustle the bouquet at your friend’s wedding, you are desperate, if you don’t go, you are either too proud or you are ashamed of your single status…..I’m not understanding Biko, so what should we do?

12. You dress fine and look good, they start asking who is taking care of you. Errmmm…. I take good care of me, you know? If you don’t dress up and slay again, they’ll say you are too careless and would probably never find someone. This life is just a pot of beans.

Jesus, thanks sah!🙌

13. You better be careful when and to whom you give relationship advice because you know, you are not in a relationship so you really don’t know anything about it, so just shut up.

14. Convincing people that you are happy without your ex is like trying to pass a camel through the eye of a needle. Hey peeps, I’m really happy without him.


15. You can’t just love up on Jesus in peace, them be thinking ya just famzing Jesus because you are single. SMH!

16. Your friends gather round and are all Oh-ing and Ah-ing about what their boyfriends did or bought them and you are just sitting not having anything to say…. awkward much

Awkward 101

17. Your crush is single and everyone is asking you why you both are not together….Like Puhlease, dude has not asked me out yet and it’s not really in my place to make the move.

I cannor come and be having chestpain mbok!

18. Don’t even bother preaching chastity, you are not in a relationship so you don’t even face the temptations…..This has to be the dumbest one. Are you kidding?19. You are definitely not allowed to to quarrel or get upset or they’ll hit you with the line….’maybe that’s why you are still single’. Peeps just gat no chills😩😩

20. On days like today, St Valentines day, everyone is wondering/asking what you’ll be doing…. Excuse me, it’s another day on the calendar, I’m gonna be living my life same thing I do every other day.


You can share some more you think I left out in the comments section…let’s make it interesting. We’d also love to hear from the single guys as well….what do y’all face on a reg? Please share with us. Oh! And if you are part of the friends and family we mentioned above, can you explain to us why you do/say the things you do?

Happy Valentines day again readers…..I’m expecting to hear from y’all in the comments. Let’s do this!💪

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​14 FEB 2020

It was about 9:30pm, Ade was seeing me to the other wing of the hotel where I, my bridesmaids and some other of my very close friends lodged, to say I was tired was to say the least, my stomach rumbled once again to remind me that I had barely had anything to eat all day and even this can malt I snatched from one of the groom’s men was not enough to quench the hunger that was now ravaging my stomach. ‘I’m hungry’, I whispered into the cool night wind. ‘Me too’, he whispered back as we approached the front porch of the lodge. I tilted my head upward to see his face, even in his very tired state; he still looked to me like most handsome man on earth. It had been a very stressful day for us both, even though it’s my wedding eve, and my traditional wedding was today, it still didn’t give my physical trainer Tessie enough reason to just spare me a day, at 5:00am sharp, she was at my bedside tugging away my beloved duvet, she didn’t even give me the luxury of a proper morning devotion before dragging my still sleepy ass off to the gym. I spent 45minutes on the treadmill as usual but today it seemed like 45hours, I had barely had 3 hours of sleep but Tessie didn’t wanna hear any of it. As usual, she made sure I completed my morning workouts like I pay her to do. Still craving for more sleep, I plugged in my earpiece and listened to some R ‘n’B groove as I drove back home.  On getting home, the whole house was jammed up with people; friends, well wishers, extended family that seem to always multiply in numbers every time I get to  see them, I’m usually confused most  of the time as to how I am related to the bulk of them. I thought I was going to run mad, my head was spinning, I needed a cool shower and a nap if possible but I doubted the possibility of sleeping in this kind of noisy house.  I just couldn’t wait to move into the hotel with my friends. How did my once serene and quiet house become so jam-packed with people and since when did Yoruba become the official language?  The answer came to me too quickly, it’s my wedding day tomorrow and they are all here to show their love and support! I somehow made my way through the noise to the comfort of the bathroom where I had a moment of peace and quiet. Mehn! I could remain here in this bathtub forever, the feel of the lather of my shower gel was heavenly, and the scent of the beauty products I have been using these past few weeks is just so divine, walahi!  The whole pack was one of the gifts i got from my bridal shower; it feels so good to be a bride am telling ya! All these gifts make me wanna get married every month, but the stress of planning and the actual execution of a wedding just weakens me to the marrow. I took my time to scrub every single portion of my body; my bod deserves all the pampering it can get! Hmmmmn, Ade’s gonna get to see this great bod soon, I thought! Woww! We made it! We kept ourselves, I don’t know how we survived three years of dating and courtship without compromising, and we never even kissed! How did we cope? Given how attracted we are to each other! Ade is the hottest guy I’ve ever met! I mean this very sexually attractive and spirit filled dude is gonna be my husband by tomorrow! Talk about being blessed! I flushed at the thought of my le boo! My first and only love! That reminds me I haven’t even heard my sweetie’s voice today which is quite strange ‘cause his voice is usually the first I hear every morning in the last three years, I stretched to pick up my phone and speed dialed him, he picked up on the first ring; three of Ade’s groom’s men just arrived the country this morning and somehow he had to be the one to go pick them up from the airport, and go lodge them at the hotel! Hotel! Wow! I hurried out of the bathroom still on the call with hubs as I speedily got  dressed, took a sorry excuse for a breakfast of 2 bread slices and something I could  barely put a name  to even though they expect me to believe it was fried egg!  That’s what you get for having so many people in your kitchen. The rest of the day was a lot crazier as I had to move out of the house to the sanity of the hotel, do some last minute shopping; my choreographer just had to insist on another final rehearsal for my reception tomorrow and then the plenty drama of my traditional wedding later in the evening. I pitied Ade’s jet-lagged friends the most, they didn’t even get to rest after their flight as they were at the rehearsals and they even did the plenty prostrating at the trad. Those guys are amazing!  

  ‘Happy Valentine’s day!’ Ade whispered again to me this time holding my head firmly with his right hand and using his fingers to shift back stray strands of hair from my face. It was his voice that jolted me back to the present. I smiled with dreamy eyes; I had almost forgotten it was feb14th sef, ‘happy vals day’ I replied.  His thumb was still making gentle strokes across my face sending tingling sensations down my spine. I stepped back a bit and held on to the railings of the stairway in a bid to keep myself from falling (not knowing what I was setting myself up for). Ade seized the moment; he took a step forward and leaned down as if to kiss me, I wasn’t sure whether to close my eyes and enjoy the moment or to keep them wide open! I chose the later as Ade’s lips almost met mine before I dodged them. All of a sudden, the atmosphere changed, everywhere suddenly became hot, my heart was pounding fast and I could feel tickles of sweat rolling down my skin. ‘What are you doing, Ade?’ I finally managed to say. He looked shocked at my question and gave me a raised eyebrow expression as he replied somewhat sarcastically, ‘kissing my wife? On St Valentines’ day, our wedding eve’. I smiled a little as I said ‘I know jor! We’ve waited this long, we can endure one more night! Wait till the pastor says ‘you may kiss the bride tomorrow’. He sighed, but did not step back, ’young lady,  we are not having our first kiss  in front of people tomorrow, if we rehearsed our couple entrance several times, what’s wrong  if we decide to rehearse the you may kiss the bride part?’. I wasn’t even sure of what to say next, Ade was right! ‘Should our first kiss be in front of so many witnesses tomorrow? What if we make a mess of it? Is that even possible? Does kissing need rehearsals?’ Ade and I had never engaged in any sexual activity, I don’t even know what to expect though I’ve read many romance novels and seen many Hollywood movies. ‘We are married, Glow’ he said, ‘we’ve done our traditional wedding, and we are not sinning’. I lifted a brow slightly. ‘Trust me G, God doesn’t mind!’ At his last statement, I didn’t even know where the courage came from; I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. ‘Wow!’ he muttered under his breath as he used his hands to steady my weight in a bid to keep me from falling. My heart was beating very fast; blood was rushing through my vessels at an incredible speed. I could not believe myself, I initiated the kiss! I broke the kiss to look up at him blinking at the brightness of the hotel’s security halogen lamp which seemed to be winking at me. Ade was the first to speak, ‘wow G, I know you are a choleric, but it will do our marriage a lot  of good if you’d allow me take the lead, I’m the husband here, Hun’. I wasn’t even sure I understood what my hub was talking about, can you blame me? My cerebrum which controlled my reasoning and understanding had decided to go on a vacay, hormones that had been suppressed almost all my life had shot up into active action, it was like the totality of my sexuality had been stirred up. ‘you just snatched my kiss’, he continued, I’d appreciate if you……I removed my right hand  from behind his neck and used my index finger to press his lips. ‘Do you wanna talk or are you gonna kiss your bride?’ I asked him. He smiled as his lips met mine slowly and gently. The kiss was all that I had imagined and more. Who knew that such a spiritual brother would be a great kisser? For a virgin, Ade was skillful, mehn! He deepened the kiss and I gave a soft moan, I totally let go and enjoyed myself, it was worth the wait! Ade deserved to be my first love, the one I shared my first kiss with and tomorrow night? My oh my! I just can’t seem to wait….lol. he’d make me a woman, His own woman and I never wanna be with any other man, I never wanna lock lips with another, being married to Ade would be bliss, I was sure of it! I’m so happy I waited! The kiss was a give and take; it was a promise words alone could not express, my hands went to the back of his head as I drew him deeper with my tongue. ‘you guys couldn’t even wait till tomorrow?’ A voice from above said. Aish! It was my mom! She was farther up on the stairs of the porch, only God knows how long she’s been standing there watching us, how embarrassing! 

I hope you all enjoyed my little piece, please oh it’s just fiction and all characters in the story above are all a figment of the writer’s imagination. Hit me up on the comments section, lemme know what you think of my story? Did I do a good job? I wrote this piece some 3 to 4 years back but never chopped liver enough to publish it. But today is Val’s day, so I’m sharing a piece of me with you(my writing of course😋). Hope y’all had a fantastic Valentine’s day celebration….Big ups to the Rarebreeds for coming up with a title for me, I love y’all….😘😘😘

I’m so heartbroken and so sorry we couldn’t hold a Deval this year……I’m hoping and praying to God that Deval would be back next year, bigger and better…….

Once again, Happy Valentine’s day with love from……..

                                                                …….. Glow Jacobs(Da UniqueBreed)✌